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Hey there,

I've got a question I'm hoping someone might have some insight into! I previously hosted my fandom manips on LJ and hotlinked them on DW, but now I'd like to get them off LJ entirely. However, I also use the LJ images to post into Archive of Our Own.

When I try to link to dreamwidth hosted images on Ao3, they only show up intermittently or not at all. I've heard some talk that DW hosted images can only be used on DW, does anyone know if that's true?

If that's the case, what is everyone else using for their non-LJ fandom image hosting needs?
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For all you graphics makers here, can you recommend any challenge or contest communities on Dreamwidth? Hopefully ones that 1) don't discriminate against beginners/aren't exclusive to popular makers, and 2) are still active until now (and will continue to be active in the future, or at least will not be abandoned without prior notice).
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I finally made the decision to move to Dreamwidth and managed to get everything set up the way I had it over at LJ which I liked. I did it with a lot of amazing help from people over here.

There is, however, one thing I can't seem to get right, and that is the showing of tags on my entries.

On LJ it looked like this: 

Over here it looks like this: 

How can I get the tags show up like they did on LJ? I'd appreciate all the help I can get, it's the only thing I haven't figured out yet. Thanks in advance!
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Is there a list somewhere of useful scripts/addons/userstyles/whatever for DW? I know I have tons to help trick out my LJ, but I've always wanted similar stuff for DW, and now that I have some free time, I'm trying to find some, and it's just not working out too well. Suggestions?

dw icons?

Feb. 2nd, 2012 04:54 am
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I was wondering if there were any general icons that had to do with dreamwidth? I wanted to upload one to my LJ to advertise this place.

Edit to include examples:
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Also, is there a place that makes custom DW related icons? Such as including my user name or something? Thanks.

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Greetings everyone!

I am not sure if I am understanding access/subscriptions correctly I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question...

But none of my friends from LJ can view my entries here on DW, even though I gave them accesses (they are logged into their accounts on LJ). 

I also can't see their posts on my reading page even though I am subscribed to them. 

Did LJ now block the ability to share connections from there to here, too? 

Thank you for reading :)
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This is probably going to sound a totally dumb question and it's probably been answered somewhere - I'm just not sure where. And I hope the following makes sense!

Question: Is it possible to somehow subscribe to your LJ flist on DW, rather than just subscribing to your flist's OpenIDs? Because, unless I've got it set up wrong, I've got subscriptions to their OpenIDs, but they're not showing up on my DWircle, presumably because they're not updating as the OpenId, but as whatever LJ name.

I miss reading my LJ flist, but don't want to have to go back to LJ just to keep up with it, if I don't have to.
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Hi, guys.
My paid-time is soon expiring; I'd love to renew it, but it's not that simple atm - my credit card has enough payments already. I do faintly remember someone saying they can buy it for others when the buyer pays for it through Paypal. I can't seem to find that post/thread, though...
So, do you know anything about it or is someone willing to do something like that? Either goes.
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Does anyone have any favorite icon-posting communities here on DW? I'm not looking for ones from any particular fandom or theme, I just want to browse through a bunch of general stuff, sort of like [community profile] photocons.
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I hope this isn't too OT? I have a community where I post fanfic recs and for each new post I make, I like to mark it private first, then post it and edit the tags, then go back to the post, make it public and update it.

The reason is that I have 100+ tags and it's very important that I get all the tags right, so I'd prefer to do it with the "edit tag" page rather than the "compose post" page, if you know what I mean.

My question is, when I change a post from private to public and update it, does it send a notification to my subscribers? If so, great! But if not, what would you suggest I do?

Thank you in advance :))))
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When I first came to DW I was still a livejournal user, so I thought it would be nice to link my two accounts together. Now, after I took the final decision to post only on Dreamwidth, I feel a little weird every time I see the crosspost tickybox.
I haven't crossposted anything by error, but it may happen, and I would probably beat myself up with a stick after realizing what I've done. For this reason, I'd love to know if there's any way to remove my lj account from the crossposting options and live happily.
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Answer found \0/ Apparently, I can't read XD
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I was wondering if there were any mission101 type communities here. I found one but it's not been used at all since being started sometime in 2009.
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Hello everyone :)

I'm an ESL who would like to learn better English and improve my writing skill. Is there a community here on DW where I can post my writing (fanfics or original fics) and have people offer constructive criticism?

Thank you in advance :)
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Hi everyone,

One of the interesting differences between DW and LJ is how "friending" here is split up into the two halves of "subscribing" and "granting access." While I know how it works in practice, how things work and the cultural norms surrounding those things can sometimes be very different, and I'm hoping that there are enough DW veterans lurking on this comm to answer: What is the cultural view here regarding subscribing to someone's journal without granting access to your own? Is it considered rude, something almost never to be done? Is it considered distancing, something you do only with people you want to read but are pretty sure you'd never be actual friends with? Is it considered a natural first step in the friending process? Or is it considered no big deal one way or the other?

ETA: Thank you everyone for sharing your viewpoints and personal approaches. I feel much more confident now about going forth and subscribing / encircling people. This comm is wonderful.
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Hello! I suppose I'm like the majority of you and got real estate over here. While I haven't broken up with dumped LJ yet, I did import 8 years and 1660 entries/comments over here to start mirroring my current residence. Three minutes, that's all it took. [Also helped that I did it at 1am my time.] Quick, easy, and with open arms...because I really did need a bear hug through the on-going crisis in the 'hood.

I haven't had a lot of time to poke around yet, but what I've read through so far [i.e. weekly news post] is nice. :) I don't have the dolla dolla bill$ to upgrade my account and move over my 150 icons yet, but I have taken note of them, along with keywords in case I bulldoze my estate on LJ before I can import them. Also, I'm looking into how to customize my layout. I'm not code savvy [that would be my bro], so I used to just tweak pre-made layouts. If anyone can point me in the direction of some useful info, I'd be grateful.

As mentioned, I haven't quite dumped LJ yet [or FB for that matter]. I'm still trying to educate my friends list about LiveTwitFace, and I'm sentimental. *sighs* Oh, LJ. :/ Sadly, so far nobody on my FL has made the move [though I know a few people that made DW accounts due to LJ's other missteps]. So in the mean time, while I try to sell my LJ estate during a depression, I wouldn't mind meeting some of my new neighbors here at DW. :)

*takes a deep breath* It felt good to let that out. Being in a new place is a little intimidating, but this could be a good thing. Right? *digs toe into the ground* Anyway, thanks for listening...
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So, given the loads of people dropping like flies off of my friendslist on LJ and coming over to DW, I've decided to go ahead and fully invest myself here.

Much as I'd like to just drop-kick LJ completely, I can't, as I've still got a good number of readers over there that I wouldn't want to do without. It sucks, but well, there you have it.

So, who am I?

I'm an artist- I work primarily in leather, doing masks and other accessory bits, but I also do digital artwork. hell, while we're at it, here- have a couple of samples:

Anyways, more importantly by far is what I'm looking for- namely help finding some things, not to mention potentially some new friends.

Like for starters, a good way to solve my problem- is there some decent way to get both Dreamwidth and LJ combined into a single reading page? Including locked/filtered entries I'd normally have access to on each individual page?

Also, I'm used to using Semagic for posting- any good similar client out there for DW?

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Hi *waves*

So after following the 10,000 + comments over on LJ News and LJ Releases I thought I'd head over here and see about makin' friends.

This username [personal profile] lexusnexus  is one of my 2 new DW accounts.  This one is for private personal posts (nice alliteration, huh?)  and my other one is for fandom rants and fanfic.  Most of it is set to private until I find out where I can post stuff.

So can any of you fine people tell me where would be a good place to start posting my fanfics, or find other members of my fandom?

Oh, should probably mention my Fandom is SPN and J2 in all thier slashy glory.  *G*

Thank ya much!

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Hi everyone,

Sorry to ask technical questions, but I'm trying to re-find a link to an addon for Firefox that allowed you to manage multiple Livejournal and Dreamwidth logins, eg. for roleplay, and switch between them easily. Now that I'm posting over here and wrangling personal and fanfic journals on both sites it'd be useful, but I'm hanged if I can find the LJ post where I saw it! Anyone know the thing I'm talking about?
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I have waited a while to get a DW invite code---it's great there are so many folks willing to donate them.

I didn't see this addressed in the "new from LJ" guide, so if someone could explain this to me, I'd appreciate it.

My journal imported fine. The journal overall is set for "suitable for everyone", with the appropriate fic entries marked adult.

I have a small summary before the cut tag. When I view my entries while logged in, the summary before the cut shows up just fine. But if I view the entry anonymously, nothing shows in the entry except an "adult content" warning.

Is there a way on DW to show the summary before the content warning? I always figure someone would like to know that they're actually going to *want* to read the fic before making them jump through hoops to get to it.

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Hi, everyone! I just came over from LJ, and I've found it pretty easy to settle in. It's really comfy over here. :D

For those of you who know about LJ's ability to autodetect what you're listening to from your scrobbler app and fill in the music field of entries, any ideas on the possibility of this being implemented on DW? If by chance it's already in the works, any idea on the status?

This is just a small nitpicky thing, but I found the shiny autodetect to be pretty nifty and handy. XD Thanks!


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