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[community profile] fandomweekly is a brand new multifandom weekly
fanfic challenge
community, where participants write
a short fanfic (1000 words or less) based on a prompt.
Readers vote at the end of the week for their favourite
submission to decide a winner. Each challenge has two
elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet.

New challenges are posted every Wednesday!
Please come join us, and follow us on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] FandomWeekly
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If you're interested in making icons come join [community profile] nexticon!

It's a very relaxed challenge. There are no set rounds or deadlines since it's a pass-it-on challenge, i.e. you make an icon inspired by the icon posted before you. The subject of your icon can be anything, fannish or non-fannish, the inspiration can likewise be anything, style or subject or colour or what-have-you. Voting happens once there has been at least fifteen entries posted or three weeks since the last voting. Come and join the fun!
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Come and join our shiny new gen fanfiction comm, [community profile] gensplosion! We'll accept fanfiction recommendations for any and all fandoms. We're brand new, so we're still polishing things a little, but we'd love for people to come and join us!

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This is a bit of an experiment for me! I've never started a comm before, so hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

I like fandom fine, but it seems there's not many active hobbies/general interest comms on DW. With LJ getting so... awful lately, I felt it was important to see if I could either find or encourage some more variety here before that site flipping implodes. XD

Dithered about it for the longest time, wasn't sure if I could keep up regular stuff, couldn't settle on an interest, said "screw it, ALL INTERESTS" and [community profile] interested_in_that was born!

C'mon in and make yourself at home. Starting things preeeettty casual, hoping to keep it all in good fun.

Life's interesting! Let's celebrate.

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 There might be another influx thanks to the new LJ release. Anyway I wanted to post that when fandomsecrets moved here, they made a post for LJ users to find fandom comms on here. That post is http://fandomsecrets.dreamwidth.org/614057.html
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If you've recently 'escaped' from LJ and are wondering what DW has to offer in the way of FUN, look no further...

Are you a fan of TV's #1 scripted drama? Looking for an outlet for your creativity in a fun team environment, and a place to meet fellow fans and make new friends?

The gang at [community profile] ncis_verse is waiting for you! We used to live on LJ, but about a year ago we saw the light and moved over here! And we welcome you with open arms!

Graphics, fanfic, games, puzzles...we've got it all! Join Team DC or Team LA - Case 7 starts TODAY!! Apply Here!

Don't forget to tell them [personal profile] proseac sent you!!

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 Hey, I'm (kinda sorta) new. You can call me Gigi. I've had a Dreamwidth for a little while, but I've only recently gotten off my lazy butt to sort out my Reading page. From now on, I'm going to be more active on here in light of the recent LJ updates. I hope I'll enjoy my stay here! 

I've also noticed a lack of active general Disney fan communities on here (whereas on LJ there were a bunch), so if you're looking for one, join [community profile] thelaughingplace, freshly created and ready to go! 

Nice to meet you all. :) 
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If you're just getting out of lj and love Ace Attorney or Essay Writing, I have just the comms for you!

[community profile] turnaboutfans is here to serve the exact sort of purpose that [livejournal.com profile] gyakuten_saiban did! Want to share AA news, make friends, pimp fic or icons? You can do that here. rules are here and membership is open!

[community profile] tldrzone is the place to post your writing/canon related essays. Whether you have a rant to get out, advice to give, or simply want to dissect the meaning of that long look in the canon you love, come do it here! again, rules are here and membership is open!

I'm Nico (formerly [livejournal.com profile] disbelieves and occasionally [livejournal.com profile] bubblemelt), and I created both these comms and would love to see you contribute.
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Hello everyone!
I just opened my community [community profile] curio_bay to have a place to post my landscape and skycape photos. But...this comm is not just for me and needs members! I'd love for other people to post their landscape photos too, so we all have some great nature to look at! There is so much beauty in the world and what better way to share than to post photos for all to see! :-) You don't have to be a professional! Just show your unique corner of the world, share photos you took on your travels around the globe and enjoy!

So come join [community profile] curio_bay :-)
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[community profile] ficondemand  is a place where you may make requests for fanfic, and/or fulfill other people's requests for fanfic. Writers are encouraged to view the requests as challenges; get inspired and have fun answering someone else's request. :)

Sister Community:
[community profile] artondemand  - the same thing for fanart
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If you are interested in reading/writing Kradam (Kris Allen/Adam Lambert) fanfictions, please join us at [community profile] kradamfest - a brand new Kradam community started just hours ago!

Right now, we are kind of like anon kink meme but for Kradam only. We are really happy to start a new community here on Dreamwidth and are looking forward to building it into a bigger and better comm!

See you guys there! :)
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Two new comms just started up, and I thought I'd make a note about them if anyone is interested!

[community profile] equidae : For equestrians, horse lovers, horse owners, riders, those interested in learning, etc! It's DW's counterpart for LJ's Equestrian community.

[community profile] canidae : For dog lovers and owners alike -- "a community about all things canine, a gathering spot for those of us who have given our hearts to four legged friends."

New comms

Nov. 28th, 2010 02:40 pm
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hey guys! If you want some new comms to look at, check out some of mine!

[community profile] rocknroll_n_blues_queens is to celebrate women-identifying performers in rock music, everything from dream pop to punk rock to rock to prog rock to whatevre type of rock music your heart desires! They can be vocalists, drummers, guitarists, bassists, whatever; and and from anywhere in the world! Also, if you happen to be a female-iding fan of rock music and you have experiences to share, we want that too, as well as reviews of media associated with women in rock music and graphics! In short, if you are celebrating women-identifying performers in rock music in whatever fashion, we want you! (Just to make it clear, everyone however you id can join!)

n[community profile] politics As the tagline says, discussion of all things political, from all over the world. Its been quite for a while but we want to restart it. Come on in!
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Hey guys!
I don't know how many of you might be interested into this, but I'm posting it anyway.
Me and my friends created a Japan related community, with articles about dramas, movies, anime, manga, music, games, books, sports, Japanese culture and such.
Membership is open, posting only to some selected members (at least now, to avoid spam; later posting will be available for all the members).

This is the link

[community profile] japan_world
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Hi! Yes, its another pimping out of a comm - but for those of you who enjoy a bit of a drabble to whet the muse's writing appetite, or for whom a drabble is just about the right size for reading and writing, the Doctor Who drabble community [community profile] dw100 is now up and running! This is a drabble community open to any and all drabbling relating to Doctor Who, any and all Doctors and related characters and situations.

We will be working in tandem with the same-named sister site at LJ, prompts are posted once a week and you may use either the current OR any of the previous 300+ prompts in the tags as your inspiration. Hope to see you there!

(If you're a Torchwood fan, I encourage you to go to "tw100" at LJ and see if the mod is interested in bringing [community profile] tw100 here to life as well.)

Spread the word to any drabblers, or give it a try yourself. It's only 100 words after all, a great starting point for new whofic writers.
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hope this is okay to post..

[community profile] pkmncollectors

PKMNCollectors is a brand new community for those that want to show their pokemon collections. Buy, sell, trade and even make some friends along the way!

I figured some people migrating from LJ might of been a member of LJ's pkmncollectors and might just miss having a comm to show their pokemon toys and expand their collections..


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