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*waves shyly*

Hello! I suppose I'm like the majority of you and got real estate over here. While I haven't broken up with dumped LJ yet, I did import 8 years and 1660 entries/comments over here to start mirroring my current residence. Three minutes, that's all it took. [Also helped that I did it at 1am my time.] Quick, easy, and with open arms...because I really did need a bear hug through the on-going crisis in the 'hood.

I haven't had a lot of time to poke around yet, but what I've read through so far [i.e. weekly news post] is nice. :) I don't have the dolla dolla bill$ to upgrade my account and move over my 150 icons yet, but I have taken note of them, along with keywords in case I bulldoze my estate on LJ before I can import them. Also, I'm looking into how to customize my layout. I'm not code savvy [that would be my bro], so I used to just tweak pre-made layouts. If anyone can point me in the direction of some useful info, I'd be grateful.

As mentioned, I haven't quite dumped LJ yet [or FB for that matter]. I'm still trying to educate my friends list about LiveTwitFace, and I'm sentimental. *sighs* Oh, LJ. :/ Sadly, so far nobody on my FL has made the move [though I know a few people that made DW accounts due to LJ's other missteps]. So in the mean time, while I try to sell my LJ estate during a depression, I wouldn't mind meeting some of my new neighbors here at DW. :)

*takes a deep breath* It felt good to let that out. Being in a new place is a little intimidating, but this could be a good thing. Right? *digs toe into the ground* Anyway, thanks for listening...
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Welcome to Dreamwidth! [community profile] style_system can help you with customising your layout. What kind of thing do you want? There are quite a lot of options in the wizard.
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It's possible to import LJ layouts with a bit of tweaking, but DW have also made major upgrades to the style system to make it more flexible, so I'd suggest giving the new options a go first. And if you get something you like, you can submit it to [site community profile] dreamscapes to become an official system style.
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Ohai, and welcome! :-)

I made a post just then entitled: LiveJournal: FB Connect + Pingbacks - Why you might care or not, and why you can't comment on my LJ, which goes a little way to explaining the LiveTwitFace issue...

As far as icons go USD3.00 gets you 1 month of normal paid account ( DW FAQ: What are the extra services available? ) which has 100 icons, enough to at least import some of them initially... Unfortunately Premium account (250 icons) minimum time is 6 months at USD25, so yeah, that presumably would take a bit more saving.
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By all means, link away! The post is public specifically so it can be given out. :-)

And welcome again. I hope you do come to feel at home here

For me LJ stopped feeling like a safe space some time ago, and unsafe = not at home.

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Just wanted to say welcome to DW! I still haven't quite settled in here myself, but it is quite a lovely place.