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LJ has managed to break anonymous commenting by making its new captchas unusable. Support requests (several of them) say the problem has been reported to the devs, but this is likely to be the final straw for many people.

Also, there seems to be something wrong with comment editing in communities, but that's not likely to get people to abandon LJ in swarms.
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Is your Friends page feeling a little empty? Do you have friends who haven't posted in a while you'd like to hear from again? Invite them back, and you can both get some free Paid account time as a bonus!

Our new Remember LiveJournal promotion lets active members like you send their long lost LiveJournal friends an invitation to return. If they accept, both you and your friend will receive a free month of Paid account time! You can earn 1 month of free Paid account time for up to 5 people who Remember LiveJournal, for a total of 5 months of free Paid account time. After that, you can still keep inviting friends, and they'll still get their free month of Paid account time. A special gift will be given to the person who has the most friends Remember LiveJournal, we'll be giving them a permanent paid account!

To start inviting old friends go to http://www.livejournal.com/remember/ while logged in to your LiveJournal account, and enter your friend's username. We'll send them an email with a confirmation code (or you can copy/paste the link and send it to them directly). Once they accept, they just need to post an entry for you both to receive your free month of Paid account time!

Head on over to http://www.livejournal.com/remember/ to help your friends Remember LiveJournal!

The LiveJournal Team.

Looks like the policy changes, lousy "make it work like Facebook!" code, and total lack of control of spam accounts has driven away so much of their userbase that they're willing to hand out hundreds (thousands?) of months of paid time to entice people back.

I'd consider taking them up on it, just for the ability to make a few rss feeds of DW and tumblr accounts, which only paid accounts can do. (Or could. I don't know if that's changed; it's been a long time since I looked at it.)
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Yet more unwelcome changes to LJ's commenting system, which has resulted in FandomSecrets moving to DW.

As with the previous unwanted, largely protested change, it doesn't appear to be affecting custom S2 comment pages. But unfortunately for communities, S2 comment pages have proven to be detrimental for many of them, and workarounds are getting more and more ridiculous and painful for moderators. And now this latest change is all but forcing communities to either change over to a comment system that still hasn't shaken off its beta bugs but doesn't take several minutes to load -- if loads at all -- or put up with it if they want to remain on LJ.

Did LJ's developers fail to predict that this particular change would be the final straw, or they were hoping for that reaction? As [livejournal.com profile] technophile pointed out, LJ has been outright hostile to fandom for not months, but years. It might very well be that the only communities that are desired by LJ's owners are non-fandom ones like [livejournal.com profile] ontd. Truthfully, I don't believe it's a deliberate push, merely a serendipitous outcome for them in their self-image, if not their ledgers.

In any case, with FS moving, will this be the necessary push to start fandom moving off LJ?
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via [livejournal.com profile] theljstaff...

I don't even know what to say about this any more...:

[..." First, the core belief that LiveJournal is a safe harbor for expression, outreach, and discussion. Second, the idea that member feedback is vital."...]

[ "Your feedback is an integral part our design approach and influences what and how features are implemented. Given the large scope of the work being done, our response time might be longer than expected. Rest assured, though, we are eager to keep things working effectively and in a way that best embraces the ideals of LiveJournal and its passionate members."....]

...now they're just trolling us, right?!
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"The Return of LiveJournal":

By: Neal Ungerleider

LiveJournal, one of the web's most popular early blogging sites, is launching a comeback in the United States. Their plans for 2012 include massive changes for users. Oh, and "Game Of Thrones" creator George R.R. Martin is a big user.

read more... )
However, longtime LiveJournal users are upset by the changes. LiveJournal recently unveiled a complete redesign that overhauled the service's comments system, emphasized social networking, and set the stage for the upcoming communities blitz. Reaction from longtime users has been overwhelmingly negative--LiveJournal patrons slammed the redesign on the service's official blog.
LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership. The challenge for Petrochenko and other executives at LiveJournal will be redefining the brand's identity in a crowded media marketplace.
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According to this comment in [livejournal.com profile] news

(Reposting full comment since some people still can't access comment pages)

[livejournal.com profile] bearer_of_dawn
Update: LiveJournal is refunding any paid account payments from December, they just have not announced it here. This is probably because it's creating an opportunity to lose more money, but legally they are covering their asses by providing refunds if requested thanks to the billing/autopay bug. They'd have potential legal consequences otherwise.

You can submit a request here: http://www.livejournal.com/contact/?dept=billing

Accounts paid in November or any month before December will not be refunded, however. (Thus my opinion that this is strictly legal ass covering.)
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Greetings everyone!

I am not sure if I am understanding access/subscriptions correctly here....so I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question...

But none of my friends from LJ can view my entries here on DW, even though I gave them accesses (they are logged into their accounts on LJ). 

I also can't see their posts on my reading page even though I am subscribed to them. 

Did LJ now block the ability to share connections from there to here, too? 

Thank you for reading :)
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Not many are happy http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/71858.html
I wonder how many will come over here now.
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This is probably going to sound a totally dumb question and it's probably been answered somewhere - I'm just not sure where. And I hope the following makes sense!

Question: Is it possible to somehow subscribe to your LJ flist on DW, rather than just subscribing to your flist's OpenIDs? Because, unless I've got it set up wrong, I've got subscriptions to their OpenIDs, but they're not showing up on my DWircle, presumably because they're not updating as the OpenId, but as whatever LJ name.

I miss reading my LJ flist, but don't want to have to go back to LJ just to keep up with it, if I don't have to.

Comment IP

Jun. 10th, 2011 03:06 pm
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  • Users who have enabled Comment IP logging will now also see the Country and City information of the commenter. This information is only visible to the journal owner, community owner/maintainers, or author of the entry if it is posted to a community with this feature enabled (only those who can currently see IP information). This feature is providing the publicly available geo-location associated with the IP address in the same way the "location" feature on our Update page currently functions.

Edit: Message received! We're in the process of removing this change right now.  I am positively surprised how quick LJ backtracked.

Edit 2: The change is now live on the site; country and city information is no longer being displayed with the IP logging feature.

Edit 3: New poll at http://lj-feedback.livejournal.com/16181.html
regarding IP logging!
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Let's all huddle around our bright and warm DW, now that LJ is dark and cold. Anyone know any good stories?

*hands out hot cocoa and biscuits*

LJ is down?

Nov. 6th, 2010 11:56 pm
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Hi guys!

Is it just me, or is LJ down for everybody else? I haven't been able to load a page for the past 15 minutes.
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I'm posting this with a sockpuppet account, because everyone who's gotten even remotely involved in this (including a deceased person!) has had their LJ account suspended. Everyone. People who stood up for the original user, people who stood up for those people, people who re-tweeted information about this case. And while I'm not particularly attached emotionally to LJ, I have reasons to keep my account active.

Deets. As far as I can tell, this whole thing centres around a woman who is the subject of LJ rumours that she's dating a J-pop idol. And which LJ staff member (A) has been known to harass users with sockpuppets and (B) is into celebrity news...? (Don't answer that. Just think it.)

I'm not going to ask anyone to compromise the safety of their LJ accounts, but please signal-boost this as much as you can without risking yourselves. People have to know about this.
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It seems that people are expressing themselves about the LJ/FB/Twitter Patter situation in many ways.

For instance, one submission for this month's LJ header contest:


Needless to say, I was amused.

*also screencapped incase LJ deletes it.

ETA: FU Tinypic!
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From the latest at [livejournal.com profile] news:

We've disabled the ability to cross-post comments on privacy-protected entries and screened comments for non-Cyrillic users. If you've opted into Cyrillic services, you'll still be able to cross-post protected and screened comments.

...so basically, you still won't have control over cross-posting of comments on your locked entries if the commenter is opted into Cyrillic services.

I don't even.
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Apparently Facebook users can send LJ users private messages into their LJ inboxes.

*no screenshot as I impulsively deleted as soon as i saw it.*
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This post I wrote last year may be of use to people who have come here from LJ, as I have.
I had trouble getting LJ-Sec to work with Dreamwidth, found a way to make it do what I wanted it to do, and decided to write it down in case others have the same problem.

Hope it's helpful!

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I wrote up this Basic info/FAQ over at the other site.

Please feel free to copy/paste it anywhere on LJ, personalize it (I made reference to my own LJ activities; replace those with your concerns if you like), whatever. I don't need or want credit.  Actively prefer NOT to be credited anywhere outside LJ, in particular, though I don't suppose I have to tell y'all that.  I mean, considering why we're all here. :-)

A couple people noted that I didn't include the apparently-pending FB "Like" button, or the problems with pingbacks on locked posts. This was intentional, because I feared making a Wall of Text that nobody would read.  If you want to repost what I wrote and add it, though, cool with me.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Well, I made it! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy my stay here.

I imported my account. It's a little scary... so different from the stuff I just got used to. Anybody know any FFVII groups that are active?

I heard on LJ that Dreamwidth might be making it possible for people with burgeoning accounts and communities to import over here? Some of my friends are a little concerned about the size of their journal and their communities. Is it true that it might be possible soon?

I'm going to play now, my account is so new and shiny :P I need to get used to here :) I need to find the comm list, if there is one. Things seem to be so much more private here. I love it.

Btw, looking for friends! I'm going to write fanfic that is FFVII - centric. Also I'm studying XHTML and CSS to build pages. I kind of got into that suddenly after the Twitbook LJ merger :/ but it looks like it's going to be fun. If you think we'll have something in common add me?
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Somebody in the [profile] lj_releases community finally got a response from the support forum:

(Oh hai, you're here! Thx [personal profile] chaobell for capping this insanity ;])

In case it hadn't been noticed before, all support requests relating to the "connectivity fuckup feature" had been marked 'private'. Now, while it might be nice to believe that this was truly done to "aggregate user questions and feedback", I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean, you'd think they would have solid DNW data after we maxed out the news thread.

Yeah, nah. Seems more likely that they're just trying to shut us up and hide their shame.

What's worse... there's not even the slightest shred of a rumour going around headquarters that this problem might be fixed? Nice attempt at a straw-man, there, bringing up the morals and ethics of controlling how other people can use their words. Well, if you want to shake your finger at us for wanting to "control what User B does with their words", then you should probably take away User A's ability to screen, freeze, and delete comments, as well. That's the only way your little issue-of-ethics could even begin to make sense.

But really, I don't want to control what User B does with their words. If they want to say, "I read a blog, and it got me thinking...", that's perfectly fine! I want to control what they do with my words, and my information.

At any rate, Tuesday is essentially gone here on the East Coast. So I suppose we'll hear no news today. Tomorrow marks a week... and will hopefully serve as the final-straw for even more dedicated journalers.


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