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Moving images?

Hey there,

I've got a question I'm hoping someone might have some insight into! I previously hosted my fandom manips on LJ and hotlinked them on DW, but now I'd like to get them off LJ entirely. However, I also use the LJ images to post into Archive of Our Own.

When I try to link to dreamwidth hosted images on Ao3, they only show up intermittently or not at all. I've heard some talk that DW hosted images can only be used on DW, does anyone know if that's true?

If that's the case, what is everyone else using for their non-LJ fandom image hosting needs?
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[personal profile] cesy 2017-04-30 07:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Yes, currently, Dreamwidth-hosted images can only be used on DW, but there is a hope to change that in the future once they've seen more usage stats, and AO3 would be an early candidate.

I don't have a good alternative at the moment - I use a mix of Photobucket and Flickr for my minimal needs.
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I use Photobucket and Google Images (Picasa, it used to be).
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I use photobucket. It's free and it give you the option of copying the html coding right on the page.
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I'm currently in the process of moving my LJ scrapbook images over to Imgur. Having used both Flickr and Picasa (now Google Images) in the past and hating them, I'm finding Imgur easier to use and easier to get a link from for embedding images (and GIFs) to blog posts. YMMV.
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I use photobucket mostly but it's had some issues lately. Imgur sometimes. I've heard good things about clouninary but I'm only just investigating it myself so can't speak to how well it works.
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I had one heck of a time getting images to work on a comm I'm helping with here, so I don't think they'd play too well with others. :-/

I've been having a similar difficulty, but I need to figure out how to download all the graphics in my scrapbook (860 mg) while keeping the folder architecture the same, and then I'm hoping to five a graphic host that can batch-upload and hopefully generate html coding tags for large numbers of graphics in a single post.