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...and I'm just another one of those rats. *squeaks* Hope I'm not too late for the party.
I really did enjoy my stay at LJ but the latest happenings... You get the staffers barking and trolling in your face like nobody's business - what is this, kindergarten? So I bailed. It's still kinda odd to leave behind almost three years of my life's happenings I wrote about but it had to be done.
So I'm gonna poke around here and there, finding out more and enjoying myself. I see some of my friends moved here already, gonna pay them a visit :D
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Hello! I suppose I'm like the majority of you and got real estate over here. While I haven't broken up with dumped LJ yet, I did import 8 years and 1660 entries/comments over here to start mirroring my current residence. Three minutes, that's all it took. [Also helped that I did it at 1am my time.] Quick, easy, and with open arms...because I really did need a bear hug through the on-going crisis in the 'hood.

I haven't had a lot of time to poke around yet, but what I've read through so far [i.e. weekly news post] is nice. :) I don't have the dolla dolla bill$ to upgrade my account and move over my 150 icons yet, but I have taken note of them, along with keywords in case I bulldoze my estate on LJ before I can import them. Also, I'm looking into how to customize my layout. I'm not code savvy [that would be my bro], so I used to just tweak pre-made layouts. If anyone can point me in the direction of some useful info, I'd be grateful.

As mentioned, I haven't quite dumped LJ yet [or FB for that matter]. I'm still trying to educate my friends list about LiveTwitFace, and I'm sentimental. *sighs* Oh, LJ. :/ Sadly, so far nobody on my FL has made the move [though I know a few people that made DW accounts due to LJ's other missteps]. So in the mean time, while I try to sell my LJ estate during a depression, I wouldn't mind meeting some of my new neighbors here at DW. :)

*takes a deep breath* It felt good to let that out. Being in a new place is a little intimidating, but this could be a good thing. Right? *digs toe into the ground* Anyway, thanks for listening...
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So, given the loads of people dropping like flies off of my friendslist on LJ and coming over to DW, I've decided to go ahead and fully invest myself here.

Much as I'd like to just drop-kick LJ completely, I can't, as I've still got a good number of readers over there that I wouldn't want to do without. It sucks, but well, there you have it.

So, who am I?

I'm an artist- I work primarily in leather, doing masks and other accessory bits, but I also do digital artwork. hell, while we're at it, here- have a couple of samples:

Anyways, more importantly by far is what I'm looking for- namely help finding some things, not to mention potentially some new friends.

Like for starters, a good way to solve my problem- is there some decent way to get both Dreamwidth and LJ combined into a single reading page? Including locked/filtered entries I'd normally have access to on each individual page?

Also, I'm used to using Semagic for posting- any good similar client out there for DW?

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I joined LJ in late June 2001.

In that time, my blog has garnered a thousand followers, both for the weird news aggregation I do for fun, and for news on my online comics.

No changes in the past have really honked me off at LJ. But this? This eats a bag of dicks.

My paid account expires in March over at LJ. If DW is just as good as LJ was, for a period of 5 days, I will get a paid sub here, and then use my LJ to only post pictures of deformed penises with the LJ logo on them.

Because I am a grown-up.
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Hi *waves*

So after following the 10,000 + comments over on LJ News and LJ Releases I thought I'd head over here and see about makin' friends.

This username [personal profile] lexusnexus  is one of my 2 new DW accounts.  This one is for private personal posts (nice alliteration, huh?)  and my other one is for fandom rants and fanfic.  Most of it is set to private until I find out where I can post stuff.

So can any of you fine people tell me where would be a good place to start posting my fanfics, or find other members of my fandom?

Oh, should probably mention my Fandom is SPN and J2 in all thier slashy glory.  *G*

Thank ya much!

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Well, I made it! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy my stay here.

I imported my account. It's a little scary... so different from the stuff I just got used to. Anybody know any FFVII groups that are active?

I heard on LJ that Dreamwidth might be making it possible for people with burgeoning accounts and communities to import over here? Some of my friends are a little concerned about the size of their journal and their communities. Is it true that it might be possible soon?

I'm going to play now, my account is so new and shiny :P I need to get used to here :) I need to find the comm list, if there is one. Things seem to be so much more private here. I love it.

Btw, looking for friends! I'm going to write fanfic that is FFVII - centric. Also I'm studying XHTML and CSS to build pages. I kind of got into that suddenly after the Twitbook LJ merger :/ but it looks like it's going to be fun. If you think we'll have something in common add me?


Sep. 7th, 2010 04:24 pm
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I'm a new transfer from LJ.  I'm still keeping my account over there mostly because of the friendships I've made over there.  But I'll mostly be posting my stories over there.  As well as posting stories here.

Can't wait to see what kind of friendships I make over here!

I'm here!

Sep. 6th, 2010 08:06 pm
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I have an LJ account, same name.  It's actually a permanent paid account, so I've been cross-posting to it, from here.  I'm just now trying this import thing.  Not sure how it'll work.  Will I be able to read my friends' journals from LJ on this site or not?  Just curious.  Thanks!

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Well, I've just deleted my two little-used LJ accounts, left the main one intact but completely f-locked, cancelled my auto-renewal, and taken every possible bit of personal information out of my profile.

So, by the warm glow of my burning bridges, I want to search out some communities for artists over here. I like to post images and I need to know what's a safe host to use, since currently I can't upload to DW from my desktop (and yes, I know they're working on that, and it makes me happy).

I've just learned that my Photobucket account is infested with Facebugs and will probably need to be ditched, so.  Anyone got some suggestions for safer options?
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Just a quick post to introduce myself! I'm Beth, was [livejournal.com profile] purpleparadox over on LJ and jumped ship back in April '09, when I got an invite to be in DW's closed beta. I'd been rather annoyed with Livejournal for a while at that point (what with the whole ad-supported crap and the Strikethrough mess), and when I got the opportunity to be here, I jumped on it. I'd been on Livejournal since 2001, and it was hard to leave, but after this whole Live-Twit-Face crap, I'm glad I left.

If any other refugees want to be friends with me, just go ahead and add me! I love meeting new people. :D
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*waves* Another LJ refugee here! I'm onto setting up my DW account but I just wanted to say hi to everyone.

Hi, there!

Sep. 2nd, 2010 05:00 pm
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Hey, everyone! I was [livejournal.com profile] xfairytalewishx on LJ.  You might have seen me commenting around. Anyway, if you want, feel free to friend me, seeing as no one from my flist is joining me. -_-

Talk to you (hopefully!) later.


Oh hai!

Sep. 2nd, 2010 05:41 pm
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Same name over at LJ (where I still have my account since I just paid for renewal and icon packages.)

Dreamwidth's interfact is so fug, but anything > LJ right now.


Friend me here, there, whatever!

Like my friend [personal profile] sevenworldscollide said, it's like being told to pack up and leave your house versus deciding to move out yourself. FU LJ.


Sep. 2nd, 2010 04:20 pm
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I'm <lj user="blackmare_9">. Was on LJ beginning lat 2006, just paid up here, moving for real at last, and I think this comm is a great idea.

Off to crosspost the link now!
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Welcome to Dreamwidth and [community profile] lj_refugees ! This is, obviously, a gathering place for those who feel the need to flee LJ.

Hopefully we'll have a friending meme or something of the like soon, but until then feel free to vent/gif/play in the comments!
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