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Worth the hype? Or just a watered down sequel/retread? The first season was pitch-perfect in every way, from the acting to the atmosphere to the 80s nostalgia gone wild. I half expected to see ET peeking out from the closet and Baby!Drew Barrymore come skipping down the lane via CGI. I hate when shows are milked to death just for ratings. I know it's tempting to keep a good thing going indefinitely. But everything has a natural end. And sometimes, less is more. I'd rather something go out on top and leave fans with an ache for more than it be dragged out so past its due date that even the most faithful fans end up saying, "For the love of Warner Brothers, let it DIE, already!" (The X-Files, I'm looking at you! They're doing yet another mini-season next year. Why, God, why?!)

The examples of the latter are endless. Aside from XF, I am looking at you, MA*S*H, ER, Gilmore Girls and pretty much every other show on the planet. One show that went out on top (well, for the most part) was Life On Mars. Two seasons of utter perfection. Breaking Bad is another. But these are few and far between.

Doctor Who is in a category by itself. Yes, it's been on for years. But let's face it, people. it really is a brand new show each time they change the lead. I know they claim it's the same person, keeps the same personality, blah, blah, blah. That's true in a very loose sense. But each actor brings their own personality to the role. Plus, they are apparently bad with continuity, so there's not even that.

Side rant: Let's not get into the fact that in true, British, PC-fashion, the next Doctor HAD be a woman. Not just happened to be a woman because of the strength of her performance or passion for the role, but ONLY to satisfy the PC crowd/rabid feminists who claim to be oh-so-oppressed because a man played the role for however many decades. What's next? A gender bending Sherlock Holmes? Perish the thought!

ETA: Oh, and Babylon 5! Here is a unique example of a show that very easily could have ended prematurely due to major issues/behind-the-scenes drama such as cast members leaving, cast member health/drug/alcohol issues, and zero support from the networks. I'm telling you, back in the Dark Ages of only three networks (yes, kids, the stories are true!) I knew every show out there. I never even heard of it of until I got online on LiveJournal, and that was not until 2002. It's almost like the network(s) wanted it to fail, which makes no sense even from a business standpoint. 

The reason it hung on was partly good fortune, rabid fan devotion, and word of mouth evangelization, and partly excellent writing and commitment from the creator. The creator had a set story arc in his mind with beginning, middle and end. He was able to sell that to the network(s) and so they kept hanging on, season by precarious season, despite poor ratings and no one being able to even find the darned show because the channel, time and hours kept being changed!

He is also a person of principle. He had a deep loyalty to the cast and crew and wanted to keep them working because he believed in this story, he wanted them to believe in it as well. and he just cared about them. It really is a wonderful story. I never knew the extent of it until just a few years ago, when information came to light about the severe mental health struggle of one of the lead cast members. I don't mean mild depression or "anxiety" (since when did that become a mental illness?) I'm talking about seeing hallucinations and hearing freaking voices. I cannot imagine how terrifying that must be. Worse, there were times he had to film scenes about having hallucinations and hearing voices. I believe JMS wanted to change this, so as not to put this poor man through what must have been hell on earth. But he kept on, not wanting to jeopardize the show and have all those people lose their jobs - especially the crew, who are often paid very little compared to the "stars". 

JMS promised to not reveal this secret until this man's death. He kept his word. We're talking years.

That is rare in the world, and especially in this particular business. I think the whole world was stunned. Outside his family, no one knew. It made me so sad to know that this man kept this pain hidden all that time. He didn't want to burden his cast members or risk the show being canceled by the networks. He only told the creator because he was having such a bad time and couldn't hide it anymore. I'm guessing people even thought he was on drugs or something, when that was not the case at all. He had to let them go on thinking that because there was such a stigma about mental illness that it's realistic to think the show might have been canceled. He was more concerned about others losing their jobs, than he was about losing his own job. So he suffered in silence, while keeping up the grueling schedule of a lead of a 1 hour television show. 

Imagine that?

In so many respects, Babylon 5 was something special. This is that rare situation where the writers, the actors, and everyone involved with the show knew they had something special, even as they were doing it. That doesn't often happen. It's often impossible to see things objectively while you are in the middle of it.

While it's not perfect in the sense that there were some abrupt endings to characters and story lines, it really was the best outcome possible under these difficult circumstances. I never knew the extent of it all until long after I'd watched it the first time. I've come to hate behind the scenes drama. It takes away from my enjoyment. This is due in no small part to stellar actors. They took what could've been a corny, cheesy Star Trek knockoff and turned into high tragedy. I thought maybe my first viewing was colored by the endless praises of its fans, which fans were nearly religious in zeal. I don't think that's true. I watched it a second time and it was just as brilliant. It has one of the most beautiful show conclusions I've ever seen. In fact, I can't think of any show that comes close, except maybe Life On Mars. M*A*S*H might come in a distant second, although both the show and the finale were way too long. By S11 it had become The Alan Alda Show, and All Melodrama, All the Time. 

B5 stands alone. 

I'm pretty convinced most regular shows should go no longer than 5 seasons. That's about how long the writers seem to have fresh ideas and the actors have an interest in the roles and the story. After that, everyone gets tired and bored. Once they start with flashback episodes, clip shows, or (God forbid!) introducing babies or small kids, you know they've run out of steam. I can't say I blame them. Network shows with 22-24 episodes per season are grueling for those who make them. We really don't realize how long it takes to produce something of even marginally good quality. These people work 12-16 hours a day, often in bad weather, sick, injured, away from families/in the midst of family / personal problems. etc. And that's just the "stars". The real heroes of shows - stunt doubles and those behind the scenes - work even longer hours, for crap pay, and get very recognition or respect. If they're lucky, they might get a mention about a technical award. And even those are often given off-screen, because most people don't care. I care! I'm one of those nerds who sits through the entire credits of movies until the screen goes black. It's a leftover from when I was a kid. When I was little, I dreamed of one day seeing MY name in the credits, if even in tiny print, for the most un-glamorous contribution!

Netflix shows should be 1 season, and 2 only in very rare instances. Those now raised on Netflix binge-watching have very little patience for anything more than that.

And whether it's TV or movies, I think everyone on the planet is tired of sequels, prequels, revamps, reboots, remakes, reimaginings, and book-to-movie offerings that are often crappier than the crappy books upon which they're based.

Whew, that was longer than I intended. Can you tell I am passionate about my story-telling?

What say you?
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When the Supreme Court hears Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission they'll be deciding the future of equality in America. We need to make sure Supreme Court Justices hear loud and clear that America stands on the side of progress – and that means making sure your Members of Congress stand up with you, too.

Send an email to tell your Members of Congress to sign a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of our clients Charlie and David, and the future of equality..

Also, friendly reminder that if you are a US Citizen who would like to keep pressure on Congress to do the right thing, is an excellent website that gives you a bunch of current issues to choose from, phone numbers to call, and a script to say.

Horror october #23

Oct. 23rd, 2017 07:36 pm
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Both Sweden and Denmark have their embarrassing 1950s horror movies - Terror In The Midnight Sun and Reptilicus, respectively - so I figured I'd watch the Finnish equivalent.

Except The White Reindeer is actually kind of good? Set in 19th century (I think?) Lapland among the Sami reindeerherders, where a young woman sacrifices a reindeer to the Old Gods to keep her husband... except then she starts turning into a white reindeer that lures men to their death instead. Yes, it's a werereindeer movie!

So it's a bit hokey, but it's got great imagery, shot and plotted almost like a silent movie (well, Finns don't talk much) and the lead actress pulls off a great performance as the movie builds to a really effective climax. Also, I'll always have time for movies that scratch at an ostensibly Christian world to reveal a barely forgotten pagan myth underneath (see also: The Wicker Man, Pumpkinhead, Virgin Spring, Shadow of the Raven, etc).


Oct. 23rd, 2017 04:01 pm
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I keep starting entries here and then stopping because they're just one giant litany of grumbles. I suspect I'd be able to cope with things better if I hadn't had a string of cold virus-y things over the last month.

The most exciting thing to happen this weekend was the reorganising of some cupboards. [personal profile] battlehamster has bought a folding exercise bike, which he was sure would fit into the under stairs cupboard if we did some reorganising. He was not wrong and we've even managed to rearrange things in a way that means we can get at the stuff we use regularly without having to empty half a cupboard. Special Agent Kheldar carefully inspected the results and pronounced both cupboards to be satisfactory.

I've also encrypted and wiped the hard drive on the old laptop so it's now ready to go for recycling. There were a couple of moments where I thought it might overheat and fall over for good but it made to the end of the process without melting or catching fire or anything too exciting. Huzzah!

Music Monday

Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:19 am
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24. A song a band you wish were still together:

Well, I know there's still a band out there masquerading as the 4 Tops, but they do everyone else's music now, and don't do their own, and there's only one original top left, so...

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Oct. 23rd, 2017 10:12 am
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What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

This question was meant to be asked in December, which I do not understand. Weirdo meme.

Anyway, the best halloween costume I ever had was a dinosaur that my mom made by sewing a tail onto a onesie. I was very happy being a dinosaur. I was probably 5?

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Last chance to get your bids in

Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:23 pm
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Bidding at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico closes today (thanks to [personal profile] sholio for the heads-up).

haike 23rd October 2017

Apr. 9th, 2017 08:00 am
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overnight rain
yesterday's bonfire
cold ashes

© Rachel Green 2017

Did it again

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:56 am
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Up far too late. Need to get to bed soon!

Day was peaceful, I didn't d much of what I intended to do but I did do some, so better than nothing.

Went out with [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother to return Theo home to New Jersey, then we had dinner at an Irish pub place. I had shepard's pie, very good.

Now to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. Bed soon.

3. The FWiB, though we only had a short talk tonight.

4. Dishes done.

5. Downloaded next P C Hodgell book.

6. Sybil.

Asking the internet

Oct. 23rd, 2017 12:49 am
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Does anyone have a recommendation for either of these things?

A) Wireless/bluetooth headphones, under $50.
B) Non-down comforters, also under $50. (And not a duvet insert. I don't want to buy a COVER for my BEDCOVER.)

I'm at the pre-hunt stage, so any and all links would be appreciated. Helps me narrow down what I'm looking for (and what I discover I'm definitely not looking for. XD )
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But I can tell you, without question, that this is the Istanbul we went to.

The cats and dogs of Istanbul are its best rebels. Cats wander freely through the fences of military installations, eating and shitting and pissing where they like in between long suspicious stares at passersby. Just behind the military museum behind the big scary military apartment building you definitely should not take a picture of, a ring of statues rolls clockwise through Turkish history. There is a statue of Attila the Hun, and Timur the Lame, and then Ataturk, huge and bronze and gesturing in the general direction of a blood-red Turkish flag.

A dog sprinted across the park, circling and setting down in the grass to gnaw a bone he'd found somewhere. Two other dogs followed in tow, waiting with all the intensity of a thousand suns for the hound to drop it. He ignored the soldiers and the signs and the other dogs and everyone else, gnawing on a meal at the feet of the father of the nation.

The Istanbul Derby: Soccer, Fire, and a Game at the World's Crossroads
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1. Just finished watching the first three episodes of Kevin Probably Saves the World. Has anyone seen this? It's, well, it is just weird. I'm amazed it got picked up. I can just see the elevator pitch...

So here's a show about a guy who after a failed suicide attempt moves back to his small town and in with his sister and niece. He has lost his job and his girlfriend. Anyhow, one day a meteor crashes to earth, and he touches it. Which results in him connecting with a celestial entity in the form of a large black woman. She's one of God's Warriors or the Universe's helpers and she's here to help Kevin to save the world. Kevin is one of 36 righteous souls that each of these celestial beings is sent to help. Kevin saves the world by helping others find happiness. Each time he connects with another being, the universe sends him a message or clue -- showing him how to connect to the other 35 souls.
Only one problem the other souls have disappeared, and the beings guarding them have stopped caring.
Meanwhile everyone in Kevin's life thinks he's a wee bit unstable, albeit harmless, as he meanders about talking to an invisible black lady. And somehow manages to help people in his town along the way.

I think they picked it up because it wasn't like anything else on television. I'm stumped for a comparison.

Is it any good?

Eh. Yes and no?

Jason Ritter is quite likeable as Kevin, he has his father, John Ritter's affable personality and sense of comic timing. The woman playing his sister, Amy, looks a lot like Rachel McAdams and/or the gal playing April on Grey's Anatomy. J. August is playing the cop interested in Amy.

The story is also rather quirky and comforting. It's sort of a male version of the Gilmore Girls meets Touched By An Angel, although that's not quite right. For one thing these aren't angels, and they don't refer to God, so much as the Universe. Also the people in the town aren't that quirky, Kevin is, they aren't.

Each week Kevin helps someone. One week he helps a man tell his father that he no longer wants to work in the family brewery, the father has a heart-attack -- which alerts the hospital and doctors to the fact that he has a chronic heart condition, and Dad decides to sell the brewery to a corporation.
The next week, he helps a woman tell her best friend and spouse that she doesn't want to be married to him any longer. Basically the universe wanted him to break them up?

It's weird, and sort of a clever satire on...well Touched by an Angel trope. I'm not really sure what to make of it, to be honest.

2. Good Behavior

Still good. This stars Michelle Dockery as an American thief/con-artist, from Georgia. Who got into high end burgulary due to a drug addiction. A recovering alcoholic she manages to reconnect with her son and obtain custody. Not easy to do, since her son is black, and she's white, and the father's black -- with a better job. The father was the drug dealer who got her hooked.

Anyhow, finally out of prison, she meets up with and falls hard for an Argentine hitman, Javier. Whose family ran a cartel in Argentina. The hitman falls for Letty, Dockery's character. She manages to get custody of Jacob, her son, by sort of betraying Javier to the FBI -- but redeems herself in Javier's eyes when she goes out of her way to save him.

It's rather funny in some respects. Black absurdist comedy. Which comments heavily on various soci-economic themes. And adapted from a series of noir novels by the same author who wrote the novels, entitled "Good Behavior".

This season, Letty and Javier and Jacob are sort of on the run from the FBI. And trying to go legit at the same time, but Letty and Javier are failing miserably at it -- in part because both like an upscale lifestyle. And can't get it without being criminals.

3. The Inhumans

I'm finding this more entertaining and less annoying than Once Upon a Time and The Gifted.
Also, it has some interesting side characters. Quarto is by far my favorite, he's asian, has tats on his face and body, and his ability is seeing trajectories, consequences, and cause and effect. It's a sort of interesting and rather unique talent. All of the characters talents are unique and for the most part, the human characters are interesting. I rather like the nerdy scientist who is fangurling over the Inhumans.

Not sure why everyone hated it. (shrugs)

Also having a character who communicates completely through sign language and with his eyes is rather interesting.

Too bad it only has two episodes left and flopped. Ah well, on the other hand, it's not like I don't have other things to watch.

4. Riverdale

Liking the tone of the season and the cinematography quite a bit. The focus or pov is the kids, with the adults looking shadowy and guilty. There's a deep noir undertone here.

Jughead continues to be the narrator. And we now have the introduction of Veronica's dad, Hiriam Lodge, who is a bit dark, and shadowy. Although it is admittedly hard to envision Kelly Ripa's hubby, who used to play Mateo on All My Children as a villain or even disreputable. But he is. The casting is rather entertaining. Also having him as the father of a 15 year old girl seems odd to me. Mainly because I remember when he was playing a 16 year old. That's part of the fun of this series -- we have all these former 1980s/1990s teen television show and movie stars in the parent roles.

spoilers )

I'm watching too many tv shows...I still have 20 hours on DVR. I need to kick a few to the curb.
Thinking Dynasty, OUAT, and possibly Kevin Probably Saves the World, but on the fence on that one.
Inhumans will be over soon. So there's that.

(no subject)

Oct. 22nd, 2017 08:56 pm
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I love THIS , it's a political blog post by an old college pal who works for a research organization.

Brianna Smith, a political science doctoral student at the University of Minnesota, responded that “Probably both factors are at work.” She explained to me that people like simple solutions and rally behind them. Simple messages resonate with voters. They don’t want to hear that problems are complicated and solutions are messy. But she’s less supportive of attaching the word “demagogue” to some political leaders over others. “Trying to get people scared and angry and ready to get involved, these are tactics used by everyone.”

Philip Fernbach is a cognitive scientist at the University of Colorado. He and Steven Sloman recently published The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone. I asked Fernbach specifically about the problem of political polarization. He explained that polarization may stem from overconfidence in our grasp of the issues. His research shows that people are constrained by the limited amount of information they can store in their brains. But this limitation doesn’t lead to humility; in fact, it’s the opposite. As Fernbach and Sloman write, “We are overconfident, sure we are right about the things we know little about.” This can make us ripe for manipulation.

[Oh so true. I see it in myself and those around me. Ask often do you postulate online or off about something, convinced you know everything about it -- only to discover - frak, I should have fact-checked that first, I totally generalized. Now, I look like a complete nitwit? One of the shows I watched today, a character told another one -- "doubt is your friend". The character was upset he lost his certainity. That was his power, he was certain about everything. And his lover, the other character, told him, "the scariest people in the world don't have doubt and are certain. Doubt is our friend, it makes us question, to see new ways of solving a problem." Then of course there was The Good Place, who had a character who was certain he was right and knew everything about a philosophical approach, until he found himself being tortured with it. Sometimes certainty can create distance or put us in jeopardy.]


Surely there’s a fix here. We aren’t destined to be ruled by our sometimes obstinate, prejudiced, and simplistic natures, easily manipulated by appeals to our emotions, and unwilling to hear others. Right?

Fernbach was not as optimistic as I would have liked (because I, like everyone else, like simple answers). He told me that “We cannot just educate ourselves out of this problem.”

But he did offer some ideas. Along with a call for humility, he suggests we try to explain our positions instead of advocating for them. Advocacy allows us to speak with a very shallow understanding of the issues, but when we try to explain our position we realize how little we really know.

98% of the fights I get into online and off...are because of this. I'm advocating my position, and so is the other guy. Neither of us are listening. We are right, damn it.
We're not explaining why we feel that way or how we derived at this conclusion, but advocating like two trial attorneys. As opposed to being more open, and considering other views..

Next, he suggests we focus on consequences and not values. We tend to demonize others when we focus solely on values. For example, if you believe that healthcare is a basic right, and I disagree, it’s not because I want people to die in the street. Instead, focus on the things that most of us can agree on: affordable, effective healthcare.

Finally, he advises us to approach people with curiosity. Ask them why they believe what they do. Don’t try to convince anyone they’re wrong, just listen. Remember that in most cases you are not an expert. Roberts-Miller would likely agree with this. She writes: “. . . we try to solve the problem of demagoguery in ways that worsen it: We call for purifying our public sphere of their demagogues, often in very demagogic ways.”

Both very good points. When you focus on's hard to budge. Because that's a feeling. Something important to a person. But if you focus on opens things up a bit.

What are the consequences of not having affordable healthcare? How can we change that?
What are the possible solutions.

Also, the point about being curious. Not just interested in pushing one's own point of few. But listening and understanding the opposing view. I think sometimes people are afraid to do this.

Brianna Smith told me that it’s possible to train ourselves out of the in-group/out-group mindset, but it has to start from birth. She told me that infants start to show a preference for one race over another at three months. However, children raised in racially diverse environments show much less preference for their own race.

[I don't agree that it has to start from birth, since I'm currently working with various people to train myself as well as others out of that mindset. And have been fighting to get out of it most of my life. Because the "in-group/out-group mindset" -- I've discovered is toxic to my well-being. It is the reason I've suffered from social anxiety, and depression at various points, is the cause of the bullying I've suffered, and the root cause of the bullying, hazing, and violence that I've seen others suffer. But it is not easy to change the behavior pattern, or pull out of it. And for some, it may well have to start from birth, but I choose not to believe that.]

Some of us are better at raising our dogs to be social than our children. She explained:

“If you have an aggressive dog, you socialize it. You don’t raise a dog around women only, for instance – it will be aggressive toward men. If you raise a kid around white people, they probably won’t grow up to be violent, but they’ll have a moment of uncertainty around people they see as different.”

Here’s a summary of what I heard, along with a few of my own suggestions for preventing yourself from being manipulated by populists or creating an atmosphere of intolerance that allows empowers them:

1. Embrace the boring and complicated, and be skeptical of the bold and simple.
2. Reject appeals to fear.
3. Reject appeals to utopia. Keep in mind the adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.”
4. Listen and ask questions; i.e., stop talking so much.
5. Seek out people you disagree with.

I like the point about rejecting appeals to fear. Fear of losing your home, employment, safety, etc. When a political platform is preaching fear -- it's time to do some extensive fact-checking, and questioning. Same for the opposite. They are right -- politicians appeal to basic emotions -- fear, hate, hope, love...

I remember talking to a bunch of friends at lunch once upon a time, it was several years back. I was upset because they weren't agreeing with me. And stated in frustration, it would be nice to be surrounded by people who did, all the time. They said, "no, that would be horrible and boring. Also how would you know if you were wrong? It's far better to be with people who don't entirely agree on things. It forces you to question yourself. And that's a good thing." I thought about it and had to agree that they were right.

I know I don't always listen, and I talk far too much, also that I have a tendency to advocate or think I'm right...but I'm trying to do better and change that behavior. One of the things I love about the show "The Good Place" is it demonstrates that it is never to late to change one's behavior.

[ETA: My lovely friend stated that the one thing she didn't like about her essay is she is getting on a soapbox to tell people to get off their's. I've decided it is very hard not to get up on a soap box when posting essays. Because we are taught to write this way -- with active voice, and assertive words. From a place of certainity. In law school, I was taught to use qualifiers, and less assertive words, so I wouldn't be held accountable and there would be wiggle room if necessary. After law school, I spent years ridding myself of the qualifiers -- basically. I also had to get rid of therefore, thereof, whereof, thus...While in law school, I had to get rid of academic words and grammatical choices. Then when I entered business - I had to learn how to right clearly, succinctly, to the point, and without any qualifiers. Yes, I got confused. Who wouldn't?
Every field has it's own bloody way of writing. Anyhow, off-topic. My point is that we are sort of taught to keep up on a soapbox when we write essays or to advocate a position. So it's really hard to shift the tone of the words so that we aren't doing that. And I think it can be done, it's have to shift the tone and change the words used. Less formal, more conversational, and less active, more passive, perhaps.]

78F - 66F : Sunny

Oct. 22nd, 2017 07:07 pm
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I couldn't sleep last night, so I didn't wake up until 2 this afternoon. Then I spent most of the day lying in bed in that depressive state between lying in bed doing nothing and being active that involves lying in bed on the phone. At 5:45 I got up to go for walkies with Donna. I caught quite a few Gen 3 and new to me pokemon, and hatched several eggs. So I guess that was a win. That's it for the day.

Fic: House-building

Oct. 22nd, 2017 03:16 pm
beatrice_otter: Uhura and Uhura Prime (Too awesome for one timeline)
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Title: House-building
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Original Female Characters,
Author: beatrice_otter
Rating: kid
Summary: When choosing a spouse, there are many things to consider.

AN:The idea of chi`pain was taken from Macedon's excellent DS9 series Jeu-Parti.

Sequel to: The Desert Between
Nyota's Choice

At AO3 and tumblr

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Next Fic: Children of the Desert
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If I haven’t shared this before now, my bad -

Here.  Have some whack.
from Tumblr


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