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I wrote up this Basic info/FAQ over at the other site.

Please feel free to copy/paste it anywhere on LJ, personalize it (I made reference to my own LJ activities; replace those with your concerns if you like), whatever. I don't need or want credit.  Actively prefer NOT to be credited anywhere outside LJ, in particular, though I don't suppose I have to tell y'all that.  I mean, considering why we're all here. :-)

A couple people noted that I didn't include the apparently-pending FB "Like" button, or the problems with pingbacks on locked posts. This was intentional, because I feared making a Wall of Text that nobody would read.  If you want to repost what I wrote and add it, though, cool with me.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

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Somebody in the [profile] lj_releases community finally got a response from the support forum:

(Oh hai, you're here! Thx [personal profile] chaobell for capping this insanity ;])

In case it hadn't been noticed before, all support requests relating to the "connectivity fuckup feature" had been marked 'private'. Now, while it might be nice to believe that this was truly done to "aggregate user questions and feedback", I just can't bring myself to do it. I mean, you'd think they would have solid DNW data after we maxed out the news thread.

Yeah, nah. Seems more likely that they're just trying to shut us up and hide their shame.

What's worse... there's not even the slightest shred of a rumour going around headquarters that this problem might be fixed? Nice attempt at a straw-man, there, bringing up the morals and ethics of controlling how other people can use their words. Well, if you want to shake your finger at us for wanting to "control what User B does with their words", then you should probably take away User A's ability to screen, freeze, and delete comments, as well. That's the only way your little issue-of-ethics could even begin to make sense.

But really, I don't want to control what User B does with their words. If they want to say, "I read a blog, and it got me thinking...", that's perfectly fine! I want to control what they do with my words, and my information.

At any rate, Tuesday is essentially gone here on the East Coast. So I suppose we'll hear no news today. Tomorrow marks a week... and will hopefully serve as the final-straw for even more dedicated journalers.


Sep. 5th, 2010 06:13 pm
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Well, I just deleted all my LJ accounts except the most recent. Even the one I started on LJ with.

I have to admit, it's kinda bittersweet to be leaving. LJ was my home on the internet for a long time. At first, it was like a nice, shiny-new apartment complex with all sorts of cool people living there. And everyone was nice to everyone else, and the landlord was cool. Now, the place is run down, nasty, and the landlord's a jerk who won't fix the leaky sink and keeps raising the rent and lets noisy obnoxious people party all night long.

It's sad. My journals there have seen me through a lot of rough times. However, all the entries are here, and safe, and I'm happy here at Dreamwidth.

How many others got rid of their journals? How'd you guys feel about it? Sad, indifferent, happy to give LJ the virtual finger?
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I'm writing an article for Newsvine/MSN regarding the recent events on LJ, and I need quotes for the story-general concerns about privacy, but I'm also really hungry for quotes from people who were in support communities or the like who may fear their personal safety, housing situation, or job situation were their privacy breached by LJ.

You may comment here, in my public entry on LJ, on email me at I will, of course, post the story here when it's done. You'll need to put your comment here, and then let me know if you want to be quoted anon or if using your name is OK.

Help, people! Please don't be just another person who complains but doesn't move to take action! Thank you.
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An interesting quote from Wikipedia, sourced from this interview (in Russian).

"Anton Nossik, an advisor to SUP, has not reacted favourably to criticism by site users. In an interview given in March 2008, he accused LiveJournal users of "trying to scare and blackmail us, threatening to destroy our business," and stated that a large class of users have as their only purpose bringing harm to LiveJournal and its founders; "their goal is to criticize, destablilize and ruin our reputation." In the interview, he predicted that his likely reaction to such pressure would be to retaliate against the users rather than bowing to their pressure."

Okay, so, wait a minute here. Bringing harm to LJ and its founders? For the record, dude, SUP are not the fucking founders. I 'speck Brad, because I remember what LJ was like when Brad was still running the show. His vision was solid, and he never faltered. The only fail we had back in those days was server overload... which while it may have been annoying, it was a testament to how awesome the service was. It was so hot, everybody wanted to be a part of it.

And we, the users, helped build this place as much as Brad did. We, the users, ran the support forums. We created visual content such as mood themes and journal layouts. We built the communities and connections. We emptied our pockets for paid and permanent accounts, because we wanted LJ to continue to grow and thrive. Brad founded it. We fortified it.

Now, I realize this is just one man speaking, here. And dear Anton, wherever you are, you can lick my sweaty asscrack and like it. If his attutide is representative of the general body of owners that are Our Russian Overlords, though, they have no idea who we are, or what LJ is. If anyone has the right to criticize, it's us. And if anyone is ruining LJ's reputation, it's them.

And yet, this dude is likely to retaliate against us? The people who made LJ what it is (or was, and as it should have remained)?

Fucking bastard.

Still, I don't want to stay pissed off. I don't want to dwell on what LJ has become. Even now, especially now, I want to remember what it was. I want to remember when LJ was about being a part of something. I may have missed early adopter status by a few months, but in my heart, I still feel like one. That place has been my most stable internet-home for just three months shy of a decade. I watched it grow, and I grew with it. And I love it. For what it used to be, I still love it.

On that note, here's an old gem which some of you old fogies might remember. Or, if you came on board later on in the game, here's how LJ should be remembered... in musical form:

(x-post'd to my journal)
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Thanks to [personal profile] tijae for passing on this info:

Dreamwidth gained 12,691 new users yesterday!

That's on top of the 9,350 gained on Wednesday.



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