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Yet more unwelcome changes to LJ's commenting system, which has resulted in FandomSecrets moving to DW.

As with the previous unwanted, largely protested change, it doesn't appear to be affecting custom S2 comment pages. But unfortunately for communities, S2 comment pages have proven to be detrimental for many of them, and workarounds are getting more and more ridiculous and painful for moderators. And now this latest change is all but forcing communities to either change over to a comment system that still hasn't shaken off its beta bugs but doesn't take several minutes to load -- if loads at all -- or put up with it if they want to remain on LJ.

Did LJ's developers fail to predict that this particular change would be the final straw, or they were hoping for that reaction? As [ profile] technophile pointed out, LJ has been outright hostile to fandom for not months, but years. It might very well be that the only communities that are desired by LJ's owners are non-fandom ones like [ profile] ontd. Truthfully, I don't believe it's a deliberate push, merely a serendipitous outcome for them in their self-image, if not their ledgers.

In any case, with FS moving, will this be the necessary push to start fandom moving off LJ?
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Thanks to [personal profile] tijae for passing on this info:

Dreamwidth gained 12,691 new users yesterday!

That's on top of the 9,350 gained on Wednesday.



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