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My layout on DW (Flexible Squares) doesn't let me click on the entry titles to go to entries. It's not too hard to click on "comments" in order to bring up the new tab, but it's still frustrating that the title doesn't work. I'm using the same custom layout on LJ, so I'm sure it must be a custom layer issue. Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions on how to fix the problem?

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I need some help. I color code my friends page to help sort out communities, filters, etc. It really helps me keep things straight. My style is Classic Desktop and Punquin Elegant.

I'd really like to find the correct DW journal style that will help me use colors like this. I've tried going through styles on my own, but I am not having luck. Does anyone know what I could use? Once I get this squared away, my transition from LJ to DW will be complete!
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Hello! I suppose I'm like the majority of you and got real estate over here. While I haven't broken up with dumped LJ yet, I did import 8 years and 1660 entries/comments over here to start mirroring my current residence. Three minutes, that's all it took. [Also helped that I did it at 1am my time.] Quick, easy, and with open arms...because I really did need a bear hug through the on-going crisis in the 'hood.

I haven't had a lot of time to poke around yet, but what I've read through so far [i.e. weekly news post] is nice. :) I don't have the dolla dolla bill$ to upgrade my account and move over my 150 icons yet, but I have taken note of them, along with keywords in case I bulldoze my estate on LJ before I can import them. Also, I'm looking into how to customize my layout. I'm not code savvy [that would be my bro], so I used to just tweak pre-made layouts. If anyone can point me in the direction of some useful info, I'd be grateful.

As mentioned, I haven't quite dumped LJ yet [or FB for that matter]. I'm still trying to educate my friends list about LiveTwitFace, and I'm sentimental. *sighs* Oh, LJ. :/ Sadly, so far nobody on my FL has made the move [though I know a few people that made DW accounts due to LJ's other missteps]. So in the mean time, while I try to sell my LJ estate during a depression, I wouldn't mind meeting some of my new neighbors here at DW. :)

*takes a deep breath* It felt good to let that out. Being in a new place is a little intimidating, but this could be a good thing. Right? *digs toe into the ground* Anyway, thanks for listening...

Hey there

Sep. 8th, 2010 07:30 pm
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I've been here a while, and thought I ought to drop in and say hi, and give you a few useful links. Mostly related to layouts/themes.

So, you've got this new journal or community and the first thing you want to do is change it's look - make it yours. If you're from Live Journal, things are a little different. But once you get your hands under the hood, so to speak, it can also be fairly easy.

Here are some layout communities that can help you either choose new themes, or fix up your own.

[ profile] grrliz runs [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, a place where designers can submit new designs that override Dreamwidth's current layouts/themes. That's the most active community.

Then in the help section, there's [community profile] stylemakers, begun by [profile] 900degress to aid designers with their work, and to provide resources. Check it out. As well, there is [community profile] the_style_kit where you can obtain a working copy of Tabula Rasa so you can work offline while you design. [community profile] style_system is an official community to discuss the style system, as well as to to give tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your journal. Don't just look at the first few entries of all these communities - check them out fully.

[personal profile] stepps has a great list of links here, if you are so inclined. In includes communities you may want to check out, divided by use and interest. The WIKI is also a rich source of information, including lists of communities that have been added to Dreamwidth. [personal profile] zvi wrote a HOWTO use the styles wizard, but that may or may not already be in the FAQ already. Don't be afraid of the FAQ. It has been totally re-written from the ground up to make sense. Check it out and find out for yourself.

Aaaand: The Delicious Dreamwidth Tag is a great way to keep track of what people are, well, keeping track of.

Finally: Have fun, and tinker with your journal/communities. All styles are fully customizable with CSS and through the wizard.
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One more fleeing from LJ over privacy concerns. One of my biggest frustrations with DW, though, is that things are just different enough that I'm having to relearn a lot of things, and that I can't just very simply import my LJ life. The posts and comments, sure, but I've been struggling for days to get my layout working the same way it did on LJ. I've finally got most of the bugs worked out, but I can't seem to get the entries to show the "link", "memory" and "edit" links down at the bottom where the "comments" and "leave a comment" links are. I tried just moving the theme layer over here and that didn't work. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Barring that, does anyone have a suggestion for a base style that can have a customized header easily added that's already here on DW? One of the reasons I originally used FS is because it was so easy for me to change out my headers when I got bored with them without having to know a huge amount of coding.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.
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I know people here are posting about layouts a good bit, so I thought I'd post something for people who are annoyed at having two memory links on their menubar, that is if you're using a LJ layout. :)

If you're using Smooth Sailing, just go to Customize Style > Menu. Then click on the 'options' tab and uncheck the box for your memories to be shown. Now you'll only have one memories link. I don't know if there's a menu option for Flexible Squares or not, seeing as I can only use one type of layout at a time on a free account.  Hopefully, there is an option somewhere for that type of layout to not show the memories link. :)

Hope this helps someone! :)

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Hey guys, I know this is not a layout community but I was wondering if anybody knows what's up with profile codes not working here? Is it just different from LJ? It says I can insert html in the bio part, which I do, but it shows up all messed up. So I'm guessing the coding is different but if it's html how different can it be? I'm really not an expert on these things so please excuse my ignorance.

I've got nowhere else to ask because most of the layout communities here seem to be inactive and those that are active don't have any profile codes.


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