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New Arrival

   ::steps off the rusty grey refugee ship СС Ливейоурнал, with bag over shoulder::

   Hello all. I have just arrived here, still figuring things out. Thought I'd say hi though. I am known as Emo-Snal back in the old country. I'm a professional beekeeper from California now living in an adorable little village on the southern edge of Australia on the verge of a temporate rainforest. I live alone with a pet basil plant named Theodora and there's an awesome cat that people misconstrue as my pet but really he isn't and I'm not just saying that. He just loves to hang out with me. We're BFFs.

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Welcome! Your not-pet is cute.
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Of course not. If I were, I doubt Big Bad Vlad would let me have dedicated internet access, haha.
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Gorgeous! He looks like he's got some Maine Coon to him.

I did bookkeeping myself until recently (though I guess it wouldn't qualify as professional. I was trained on the job as opposed to being formally trained in school.)

Welcome to DW.
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Re: Beekeeping

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Oh my God, how did I misread that XD Bookkeeping, bookkeeping.
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Re: Beekeeping

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They're easy to confuse! Bookkeepers are the ones who have the special suits with the veils, right? To stop the books from stinging them.
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I'm just going to add to the tally of comments saying "Wow, your BFF is AWESOME."

You're probably not bad either, but your BFF is great. *g*

Welcome to the DW side!
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"Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

Welcome to DW.
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That picture of your cat is awesome.
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Hi there! Good to see you and your massive cat over here! I hope you remember me from LJ.
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Welcome and... wow, that's an introduction. (Bees! Australia! Basil! Awesome cat)
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Looks like you've been adopted by that huge amount of cat! Welcome aboard DW.
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He's one gorgeous cat. Beekeeping is so fascinating, I like watching youtubes of beekeeping.

And welcome!
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I used to be your friend back on LJ (well, I still am, I just forget to read), and I'd like to read your stuff her as well!
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Ah, another LJ refugee. Welcome welcome welcome!

Ooooh, big fluffy cat alert!

Beekeeping sounds awesome, except my anxiety would probably keep me ducking like a doofus and running like a wuss if they got near me. LOL
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I clicked on those pictures you linked of him and the one that tickles me the most is the one where he's lying stretched out on his back, paws stretched out, teeth showing that he may or may not be a vampire in disguise....XD
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Welcome to Dreamwidth. :)

The cat is absolutely gorgeous. It's nice to see some more Southern Hemisphere people here (I'm in NZ).
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That cat is hugemonguous, and has an excellent name to boot.