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Come find some friends/talk tv at [community profile] tv_talk!
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My Norton Security software on the home machine is now throwing up a "Phishing Site' splash page when attempting to log into Live Journal! Anybody else getting a similar warning?
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If you're interested in making icons come join [community profile] nexticon!

It's a very relaxed challenge. There are no set rounds or deadlines since it's a pass-it-on challenge, i.e. you make an icon inspired by the icon posted before you. The subject of your icon can be anything, fannish or non-fannish, the inspiration can likewise be anything, style or subject or colour or what-have-you. Voting happens once there has been at least fifteen entries posted or three weeks since the last voting. Come and join the fun!
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 It's so brand-spankin' new, I'm the only member so far! :D

Is anyone here familiar with Fertility Awareness? I'm fond of the LiveJournal FAM community, but there wasn't one here. So I made one. :)

Bam. http://fertility-awareness.dreamwidth.org/profile

Details are there, but in a nutshell, fertility awareness allows women to know when they're fertile, when they're not, and when/if they've ovulated during their cycles. It's a great tool for achieving pregnancy, avoiding pregnancy, or simply to encourage overall reproductive health.

So far it's just little ol' me and I am by no means an expert, but I have a tiny bit of experience. Come join us and we can help each other to the best of our ability. :D

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A friending meme for summer! Please come, and make some new friends!
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Come and join our shiny new gen fanfiction comm, [community profile] gensplosion! We'll accept fanfiction recommendations for any and all fandoms. We're brand new, so we're still polishing things a little, but we'd love for people to come and join us!

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This is a bit of an experiment for me! I've never started a comm before, so hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

I like fandom fine, but it seems there's not many active hobbies/general interest comms on DW. With LJ getting so... awful lately, I felt it was important to see if I could either find or encourage some more variety here before that site flipping implodes. XD

Dithered about it for the longest time, wasn't sure if I could keep up regular stuff, couldn't settle on an interest, said "screw it, ALL INTERESTS" and [community profile] interested_in_that was born!

C'mon in and make yourself at home. Starting things preeeettty casual, hoping to keep it all in good fun.

Life's interesting! Let's celebrate.

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 There might be another influx thanks to the new LJ release. Anyway I wanted to post that when fandomsecrets moved here, they made a post for LJ users to find fandom comms on here. That post is http://fandomsecrets.dreamwidth.org/614057.html

a promotion

Mar. 7th, 2013 11:38 am
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Hi, I'm looking for new friends and am an LJ refugee. In fact the only reason I still go on LJ is that I have a paid account there and can't get one here. Does anyone know why DW doesn't do PayPal?

Anyways, I'm 26 and live in the Netherlands. I love journaling, and have wanted to start writing fiction again a million times (I wrote YA stories as a teen), but never actually got down to it. I don't understand what fandoms are, which is my other question. I mean, is it that you pick a character from an exisitng media source and write based on that, or am I totally mistaken? I don't watch TV so I probably couldn't do fandoms even if I wanted to (which I've wanted just to connect to others somehow). I would like to connect to other people and get back into the habit of writing again. Also, I am a craftster, but since I don't have a paid account I can't upload my craft pictures here. I don't know what else I wanted to say.
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Well I've been on DW for a while actually, under another name with a specific purpose, but then LJ started to do, well whatever it is that's going on with it lately, and so many of my friends moved that I made a new account here to start anew!

I love(d) the great comms in LJ. I am more of an "interests" gal than a "fandoms" sort of person (I like a lot of shows/books/what-have-you but not many of them enough to get into it in the fandom way, just not my thing I guess, I'm a party pooper). I love how-tos, question-answer, and general interest. I love arts and crafts, cooking, DIY... and perhaps above all, pets.

Are there any active pet comms on DW? Dog stories? Pictures of hamsters? My bunny is making a noise like a wounded lemon what do I do? Look I taught Professor Bigglesby how to do the Lindy hop?

Share share!
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If you've recently 'escaped' from LJ and are wondering what DW has to offer in the way of FUN, look no further...

Are you a fan of TV's #1 scripted drama? Looking for an outlet for your creativity in a fun team environment, and a place to meet fellow fans and make new friends?

The gang at [community profile] ncis_verse is waiting for you! We used to live on LJ, but about a year ago we saw the light and moved over here! And we welcome you with open arms!

Graphics, fanfic, games, puzzles...we've got it all! Join Team DC or Team LA - Case 7 starts TODAY!! Apply Here!

Don't forget to tell them [personal profile] proseac sent you!!



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