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importing communities?

 Hi guys! 

I'm a maintainer of a small LJ community.  I imported my personal journal ages ago and cross-post these days, but what with the renewed DDoS attacks it seems like a good idea to import the community as well.  However I'll be darned if I can figure out how to do it.  Oddly, I can upload it to my personal journal, but that's not what I'm trying to do!  There must be a way, right?

I apologize in advance if this has already been asked and answered.  I looked through the tags and didn't see it addressed!
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No, there isn't, for legal reasons. You don't own the individual contributions to your comm, so you can't re-post them somewhere else because it'd be violating the posters' copyright. (This does, apparently, not apply to comments left on your journal.)

I swear there's a support page somewhere explaining this, but I can't find it right now. Anyway, they say they *may* find a way to make it possible one day, maybe, but its not short- or mid-term project.
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Well, there isn't yet, but it's mostly because life has chomped me up and not left me with the time/energy to finish that project and nobody else has taken it up yet! I'm hoping to find some time this month, though, for the hackathon.
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Oh, cool. The last info I found on it was this:
which makes it sound very much like a "not anytime soon."

I'd love to be able to import comms. :)
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Yeah, I had the entries import itself working BUT the entries were all "backdated" and that just...wasn't right, they wouldn't show up on the recent entries page then. I have some instructions from [personal profile] exor674 on how to fix that but haven't sat down and hammered through them yet.

And I'll need to import the members list, etc, too, and fix up the interface so it only shows the correct items to import.
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So to quote the existing FAQ (and play devil's advocate), how would this be done in a "non-evil way"?

For example, a) if I didn't have an account here and wasn't interested in opening one up, I probably wouldn't be keen on having my entries imported somewhere else. (The same applies to imported comments I suppose, though.) b) What about locked community posts, which presumably may have been locked to prevent sharing outside of the community it was posted to?

Also, c) Would community posts from LJ users show up as openID? I can't remember if openIDs can post to comms on LJ or here, or not.
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I can't answer all your questions, but from what I understand, the same argument as for comments would work, and one of the changes planned is to make it so OpenID accounts can post to communities. Originally, OpenIDs couldn't post to communities on either service; LJ has since changed their code so that OpenIDs can now post to comms over there, but we haven't got that update over here yet.
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As far as I'm aware, neither importing other people's comments to your personal LJ nor importing posts made in a community would deprive anyone of copyright.

Imported comments appear as made by the commenter's LJ-provided Open ID. Therefore, should they then come into DW using their LJ Open ID they would have just as much ability to delete them as they would the comments as made in situ in the original post on LJ.

And if a community were to be imported, I would think that posts and comments there would also come over as if made using Open ID, giving the original writers of those posts and comments the exact same leeway as the posts and comments as made on LJ.
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Well, I took that info from the support page I linked to above. Apparently, it's no longer a concern.