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A couple of days ago, I mentioned on [personal profile] elleth's journal a problem I'm seeing a lot because I follow the search term "Dreamwidth" on twitter, and have a few friends who refuse to leave LJ, and that is that people seem to think being negative about LJ is pro-DW by default. That's actually pushing people away from DW -- the more people talk negatively about LJ (justified or not!), the more it all sounds, to these people, like homogeneous whining. They don't get what's so awesome about DW, and only know that a bunch of "whiners" are here.

So, after a little thought I formulated a meme which might help. It's most useful in that regard if you still crosspost to LJ, but it's also useful for people who're already members of DW and just haven't found interesting comms, etc, yet.

I put it together so that if you've only got ten minutes, it'll only take ten minutes, but if you want to comment on stuff and tl;dr all over the place, that works too. If you're reposting, feel free to add or delete fields as you wish. The last two questions are there so people can comment with suggestions.

Favourite thing(s) you think everyone should know about DW:
Favourite feature(s) that is/are unique to DW:
Favourite comm(s) on DW:
Comm(s) I wish would get more attention:
Favourite user(s):
The kind of comms I'm looking for:
The kind of people I'd like to befriend:

For anyone who's interested, my answers are below the cut -- I thought they might be useful.

Favourite thing(s) you think everyone should know about DW:
They have a fucking awesome Diversity Statement. It's six hundred and five words long, and covers a lot of ground.
They're also super communicative. They're upfront about finances, about sticky issues like Paypal refusing to work with them anymore, about what's going on with coding. The news posts include useful information, every time.

Favourite feature(s) that is/are unique to DW:
Right now, I'm rather enamoured of 'select a random icon' on the Post Entry page. I'm also pretty excited about the redesign of the post entry page, which isn't available yet, but there's a mockup available here. It can't post or anything yet, but you can see how customisable it's going to be: you can hide stuff you don't want, drag stuff around, etc. And they're really listening to the feedback on it.
Another nifty thing I just thought of is that on DW, you can actually search through your own journal. Still not available on LJ.
Aaaand also the separation of subscribing and accessing. On DW, you can follow people without letting them read about how much you hate your mother. In my case, this is usually an attempt to interact with someone I admire without letting them know that I am actually twenty-one years old and fallible...

Favourite comm(s) on DW:
I'm getting quite fond of [community profile] sauce (as in, "awesome sauce"), for the random and awesome things that keep popping up on my reading list from them.
[community profile] create_my_comm is always worth watching, of course, since people have some excellent ideas.
[community profile] onesongaday can be quite useful for finding new music to try. As can [community profile] poetry for those who that interests.
[community profile] ladiesbigbang is an awesome project, celebrating women through a whole range of media. I'm not saying this just because mine's coming up, but it is.
[community profile] fucking_docs and [community profile] fucking_meds might appeal to those who just want to rant about, well, doctors and medication.
[community profile] accessibility_fail is worth a look: there's a discussion about Googlefail and doing something about it here.
[community profile] sun_salutation is good for yoga stuff, and [community profile] exercise_every_day is excellent for support. I comment back and forth with a lot of awesome people there on check in posts, etc.
I'd... better stop there.

Comm(s) I wish would get more attention:
[community profile] overlooked, which I run. Basically, you claim a character, pairing or fandom that you feel is neglected (by you, or by the fandom, or even by the canon), and you choose a theme set, and you write ten fics. Designed with those complaints from [community profile] fanficrants about why there's no [x] in the world in mind.
[community profile] metaquotes, which could be awesome for connecting people and letting people find new comms and people that interest them.
[community profile] a_reader_is_me, which involves self-tailored reading challenges.
[community profile] endings, where people post excerpts from the endings of things. I think it's a lovely idea, but not many people are posting.

Favourite user(s):
I've met a lot of awesome people on DW. I don't really make as much use of the subscribe option as I like, though. A lot of these people I follow because we click on a personal level, not because I think they write awesome thinkythoughts posts all the time. I found them via non-fandom friending memes, mostly, or by chatting in comms.

The kind of comms I'm looking for:
More fandomish ones. General ones, writing ones, meta ones -- hit me. [You guys can't be expected to know my fandoms, but here's a quick run down: NCIS, Supernatural, The Dark is Rising, Final Fantasy (mostly IV, VIII, X, X-2, XII and XIII), Kingdom Hearts, Firefly, Merlin, Arthurian legend in general...]

The kind of people I'd like to befriend:
People who like books. People who write about books. People who like fandom. Sex-positive people (no, really: reading that kind of thing is seriously helping me). People who write sensibly about -isms. People who write updates of substance.
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Ooh, excellent idea.

ETA: I also rec the awesome How to be a filthy seditious Dreamwidth supporter by [personal profile] foxfirefey.
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Thank you, very nice idea - here's mine!
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This is awesome. :-) I'd already been thinking I should do something along these lines, so I sheeped your meme the first time I had a chance.

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It's a great idea, thanks for sharing! :D
My post is here.