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New post in [ profile] news


Main new point:

* No more crossposting comments from locked entries
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Just an FYI: The troll in the News post, [ profile] getyourownbitch, is actually staff member Brenden [ profile] brenden , editor of ONTD. Does LJ have a policy when its staff members troll its users? *ponders*

I got this info here, if you're curious. I couldn't help but feed the troll. It was too much fun.
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I just find it funny that they let him loose in the News post.
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...God that explains a lot.
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It really does, doesn't it? Take the mis-posted comment, for instance (psst, Brenden, your LJLogin is showing):

it's brenden, bitch (brenden) replied to a comment you left in a LiveJournal post. The comment they replied to was:
You really ought to reread what I've said before you post, you know. What I said was "Those who don't have the self-confidence to speak up in public often find the anonymity of the internet a safe-haven." Sadly, I fear your aggressive behavior here is just a cry for the meaningful attention you lack from the people that actually mean something to you.
Their reply was:
Or I couldn't really give a shit what people think of me online and have the mental capacity to keep my online and offline personas completely separate. Again, you don't know me or who I am, so that's a pretty big assumption. And, once again, it's ironic/hypocritical when you're telling me these things veiled in passive aggressive comments.

Stop reading so deeply into my comments, I'm sure you have better things to do, like updating your RP journal!!
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...And then he hoped onto his 'RP journal' to...throw a fit.

This guy is A+ material man.

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I know he's the ONTD guy and all that, but when combined with that other jerkwad staff member in the News thread (and the thing that happened a few months ago with the creepster staff member), I find all of this deeply disturbing.

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That's pretty disgusting. *shakes head*
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Hot damn! I called 'em a ONTD troll!
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You were practically an oracle =)
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I'm wondering if Brenden and the rest of the trolly "cheerleaders" were "encouraged" to post to try to mock/shout down/misinform those with legitimate concerns?
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Yeah, but it seems kind of weird that they didn't show up hardly at all for last week's news post or the releases post.

Then again, who even knows what goes on in the minds of trolls?
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However inappropriate and uncalled for, it seems to be a failure by LiveJournal to instill the proper respect for a serious News post in their staff, not an organized sabotage attempt. However, it does seem like there are very many trolls doing that very thing.
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Especially considering that Brenden had the first post and was all, "LOL THAT GIF! <3" and all of the ONTDers fell in right behind him. LOLing all the way.

It's like I said waaaay back (well, it seems like way back) in a post here: eventually, all that will be left of LJ will be ONTDers and Facebook users.
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However disappointing the outcome, the process of figuring him out was hilarious. I think, for a few minutes there, he thought I was being serious.
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oh, wow, that was an LJ staffer they got to reply to the news post with the applause gif? That's quite special. Given the timings I guess he must have had the gif lined up to reply with before they posted.
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oh, wow, that was an LJ staffer they got to reply to the news post with the applause gif?

Yeah, and then that same staffer proceeded to troll the comments. Classy, right?

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The first comment -- the "applause" gif -- is now labeled as coming from Brenden's staff account. Am I right in assuming that he originally posted it under his sockpuppet account? I see it's an edited comment.

I hope he's in major trouble. He ought to get fired for his behavior.
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No, it was posted from his staff account. He has to delete comments to repost from the correct account, just like everyone else.

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Wow. I am deeply disturbed by this. Brenden is obviously a major asshole. Great work on busting the sockpuppet, guys.

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All bahleeted now...anyone get caps?
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It's posted on my journal.
Edited (HTML fail omg) 2010-09-11 23:08 (UTC)

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There was also a whole thing with him taunting [ profile] voiceling about having Asperger's -- did anyone get caps of that?

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Hey if you want proof of what that DICK HEAD did i have it saved through wayback, but I'll warn screen cap it, cause he can ask them to delete it from their catches.

Since it's replay you can click on to his comments most should come up, you'll have to give it a few seconds cause sometimes wayback replay is slow.
if it still pisses you off nail his ass- send copies of it to lj support or yahoo news(or both) he'll be in a word or hurt because the whole thing is totally inappropriate.