Apr. 29th, 2017 06:10 pm
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Anyone who wants to delete their LiveJournal account but doesn't want to have to accept the new LJ Terms of Service to do so, there is a workaround that I stumbled upon through trial and error.

So give this a try and let me know if it works for you.

If you have the AdBlock extension on Google Chrome:
AdBlock > Options
Customize AdBlock
Manually edit your filters (click "Edit")

(copy & paste what's below into the text field)[class="flatblue-header"][class="flatblue-head"][class="flatblue-body"][class="b-fader"]

(click "Save")
Now log in to your LiveJournal account and go here to delete it:

You're welcome.

New here

Apr. 22nd, 2017 06:30 pm
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So, I just moved over here from LJ.


I usually use Dreamwidth for roleplaying purposes, but after the....shall we say....shenanigans that Livejournal has been doing as of late, I decided it was time to pack my things and move.



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I see one down a few entries from 2015..... as I seem to be (finally( making the move here official, I'd love to re-energize with some new folks....
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As a visual protest, I wrote a tool that bulk-shreds the contents of an LJ.

In case anybody wishes to join me, I have shared the tool. ljshred@github | just the script. You'll need Python 2.7. Command-line only. No warranty. Use at own risk. May contain nuts.

I may or may not delete my LJ now that I have run this, but for the time being you can see the effect over on .
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Hi! I've made a Dreamwidth Starter Kit, which is a compilation of tutorials and links and various persuasive meta I've found about DW by clicking around a lot. I figured that with the recent massive move, it might be useful to have all these things in one place.

Also appreciating links to any tutorials/guides/etc. that I may have missed!

(Some links on the list are really old though and may be outdated - let me know.)
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Hello all,

When LJ moved their servers to Russia, I wrote a post called How to Move to Dreamwidth and Like It with my accumulated advice and resources on making the switch and a heavy dollop of pep-talk and getting in the right frame of mind. Now with the Terms of Service debacle, it occurred to me that I should share it a little more widely than my circle.

When I wrote the post, I was operating under the assumption that most people would and should move in small stages, so the post is structured to support that. Now, I will admit that my basic advice has shifted to 'abandon ship as soon as possible,' but hopefully people still find it useful : )

As I imagine most of the people who really need this are not (yet) part of this comm, please feel free to share with anyone who you think could benefit.


Apr. 4th, 2017 02:31 pm
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LJ's Russian overlords have changed the TOS - and the new official version is only in Russian. The short synopsis: They're making a lot of changes tied into Russian law about online content. Adult content ratings, liability for comments on your blog, etc. Oh, and they've hyped up the advertising.

Lots of people talking about backing up their journals and moving to DW; some are going to IJ. Many journal deletions and lockdowns.

So, new people... welcome? DW has been slow but it's very friendly, and it's run by fannish people who want us to enjoy our time here.
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[community profile] fandomweekly is a brand new multifandom weekly
fanfic challenge
community, where participants write
a short fanfic (1000 words or less) based on a prompt.
Readers vote at the end of the week for their favourite
submission to decide a winner. Each challenge has two
elements: a Weekly Theme and a Bonus Goal to meet.

New challenges are posted every Wednesday!
Please come join us, and follow us on Plurk at [ profile] FandomWeekly
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LJ has managed to break anonymous commenting by making its new captchas unusable. Support requests (several of them) say the problem has been reported to the devs, but this is likely to be the final straw for many people.

Also, there seems to be something wrong with comment editing in communities, but that's not likely to get people to abandon LJ in swarms.
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Is your Friends page feeling a little empty? Do you have friends who haven't posted in a while you'd like to hear from again? Invite them back, and you can both get some free Paid account time as a bonus!

Our new Remember LiveJournal promotion lets active members like you send their long lost LiveJournal friends an invitation to return. If they accept, both you and your friend will receive a free month of Paid account time! You can earn 1 month of free Paid account time for up to 5 people who Remember LiveJournal, for a total of 5 months of free Paid account time. After that, you can still keep inviting friends, and they'll still get their free month of Paid account time. A special gift will be given to the person who has the most friends Remember LiveJournal, we'll be giving them a permanent paid account!

To start inviting old friends go to while logged in to your LiveJournal account, and enter your friend's username. We'll send them an email with a confirmation code (or you can copy/paste the link and send it to them directly). Once they accept, they just need to post an entry for you both to receive your free month of Paid account time!

Head on over to to help your friends Remember LiveJournal!

The LiveJournal Team.

Looks like the policy changes, lousy "make it work like Facebook!" code, and total lack of control of spam accounts has driven away so much of their userbase that they're willing to hand out hundreds (thousands?) of months of paid time to entice people back.

I'd consider taking them up on it, just for the ability to make a few rss feeds of DW and tumblr accounts, which only paid accounts can do. (Or could. I don't know if that's changed; it's been a long time since I looked at it.)
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[community profile] iconitis, [community profile] iconthat & [community profile] iconmix for all your icon needs on DW :D
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Go make friends, everyone's welcome.
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I hope this isn't against any rules, but I figured I'd share this post if anyone has something they need to say or talk about, but maybe they need a place where they can say it anonymously. Even if you're not in my circle, you have open invitation to say something that's on your mind, anonymously or unanonymously. Either way, feel free.
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Come find some friends/talk tv at [community profile] tv_talk!
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My Norton Security software on the home machine is now throwing up a "Phishing Site' splash page when attempting to log into Live Journal! Anybody else getting a similar warning?
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If you're interested in making icons come join [community profile] nexticon!

It's a very relaxed challenge. There are no set rounds or deadlines since it's a pass-it-on challenge, i.e. you make an icon inspired by the icon posted before you. The subject of your icon can be anything, fannish or non-fannish, the inspiration can likewise be anything, style or subject or colour or what-have-you. Voting happens once there has been at least fifteen entries posted or three weeks since the last voting. Come and join the fun!


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